Health and Health Care Economics Section

By organising professional consultations and conferences for economists and medical professionals, the Health and Health Care Economics Section presents issues and fields that can be addressed successfully through a methodology applied by this rather multidisciplinary branch of science. Health care is expected to receive increased attention in the coming years, and various questions will be raised in the fields of health care policy, finance, management, ownership, cost effectiveness, as well as analysis and control issues. Health economics may offer advanced methodology and knowledge for several of these fields.

This Section would welcome any professionals, PhD students and undergraduates interested in the above activities. Members are offered participation in various high-quality programmes including conferences with international and national speakers and research activities. Detailed information can be accessed online at http://hecon.uni-corvinus.hu/corvinus.php?id=10

Management of the Health and Health Care Economics Section

Márta Péntek, Associate Professor,
Corvinus University of Budapest, School of Economics, Dept. of Health Economics
E-mail: marta.pentek@uni-corvinus.hu

Valentin Brodszky, Associate Professor,
Corvinus University of Budapest, School of Economics, Dept. of Health Economics
E-mail: valentin.brodszky@uni-corvinus.hu

Audit Section

The economic crisis presented new challenges for the audit profession as well. There have been growing expectations towards management support and advisory function, along with the generally increasing role of audit activity. A growing number of factors require consideration during the performance of audit activities – in addition to cost reduction and effectiveness also increasing productivity and profitability, the management of which present serious challenges for each sector. The current issues of the audit profession include proactivity enhancement, added value generation, management strategy support, as well as a need for continued independence.

The aim of the Audit Section is to organise free presentations on current issues related to the audit profession, in addition to offering a platform for professional discussion and promoting personal relations among professionals.

Purpose and activity of the Audit Section of HEA:
– identifying current problems related to the audit profession and facilitating the addressing of such problems via discussion;
– contributing to professional recognition via professional activity;
– establishing close partnerships with other audit organisations and associations operating in Hungary;
– offering free presentations and discussions for the audit profession.

Management of the Audit Section

Enikő Zsakó, Deputy Managing Director, Audit Directorate,
OTP Bank Nyrt.
E-mail: ZsakoE@otpbank.hu

Tamás Lévai, Head of Internal Audit,
Unicredit Jelzálogbank Zrt.

Board members:
Judit Boros, Associate Auditor
KPMG Hungária Kft.
Tamás Gaidosch, Head of IT Supervision
National Bank of Hungary,
Márton Gajdos, Executive Director
MKB Bank Zrt,
Tünde Csanda Gyarmatiné, Head of Audit Department
Richter Gedeon Nyrt,
Ferenc Gyepessy, Head of Department
Fővárosi Vízművek Zrt,
Róber Kollár, Director
K&H Bank Zrt,
Katalin Magyar, Head of Internal Audit
Municipality Office of Hódmezővásárhely Town of County Rank,
Edit Németh, Head of Department
Ministry of National Economy,
Zoltán Szöllősi, Senior Manager
Deloitte Üzletviteli és Vezetési Tanácsadó Zrt.

European Union Section

Management of the European Union Section

Szabolcs Fazakas
chief advisor to the EU commissioner for financial planning, former minister of industry, commerce and tourism, former member of the European Court of Auditors

Gábor Iván
Director of the General Policy Directorate, Council of the European Union

Development Policy Section

Management of the Development Policy Section

Etele Baráth
Member of European Economic and Social Committee, former Minister of European Affairs

Péter Heil
Director of Altus Zrt., former Vice President of the National Development Agency

Board members:
Zsombor Essősy
Gábor Ormossy
Dávid Szebeni

Development Economics Section

Management of the Development Economics Sect

László Trautmann, Associate Professor, Head of Department, Dean
Corvinus University of Budapest, Dept. of Macroeconomics
E-mail: laszlo.trautmann@uni-corvinus.hu

Ádám Vertetics Chief Financial Officer,
Hungarian State Treasury

Responsible Corporate Governance Section

The aim of the Responsible Corporate Governance Section is to disseminate international professional and regulatory initiatives on responsible corporate governance framework and application of best practices as broadly as possible by organised knowledge sharing (via public events, newsletters, online, community and other media tools) focusing on legal and regulatory compliance, transparency, business ethics, CSR and aspects of efficient functioning and management, as well as by coordinating relevant training and accreditation programmes and establishing partnerships with professional organisations and HEA partner sections.

Management of the Responsible Corporate Governance Section

Richárd Végh, Chairman and CEO,
Budapest Stock Exchange

Péter Jendrolovics, Deputy Director,
Budapest Stock Exchange

Board members:
Balázs Bodzási (Ministry of Justice)
Sujit Chaudhuri (University of Physical Education)
Ágnes Hornung (Ministry of National Economy)
Bianka Parragh (National Bank of Hungary)
Norbert Szivek (Hungarian National Asset Management Inc.)
Sándor Vízkeleti (Hungarian Association of Investment Fund and Property Managers)
László Windisch (National Bank of Hungary)
Zsolt Wieland (OTP Bank Nyrt.)
Levente Zsembery (Hungarian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association)

Economic Policy and Economic Theory Section

Management of the Economic Policy and Economic Theory Section

Attila Chikán, University Professor,
Corvinus University of Budapest, Institute of Business Economics, Dept. of Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Dávid Szebeni, Managing Director
Enrawell Kft.
E-mail: szebeni.david@enrawell.eu

Information Technology Section

In recent years the IT Section has been one of the most active and fastest growing sectons within the HEA. Its membership includes not only professionals of IT companies but economists as well whose work, primarily in the finance sector, is related to information technology on a daily basis. The IT Section is regularly represented at the major annual HEA events and itinerant conferences of economists.

Management of the Information Technology Section

Ferenc Pongrácz, Director of Business Development,
IBM South-East Europe

László Szűcs, Operative Director,
Nord-Paper Group

Head of Marketing, PR and events:
Katalin Juhász, HEA YC,
Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Board members:
Péter Fehér, Corvinus University
Vilmos Levente Kovács, Simplexion Kft.
Antal Kuthy, E-Group
Zsolt Bertalan, MVM SFL
Gergely Bökény, HEA YC, Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Industry and Entrepreneurship Section

The Industry and Entrepreneurship Section is one of the oldest sections of the Hungarian Economic Association operating since the 1960s. Of the Budapest based organisations of the HEA it has always placed special focus on corporate and microeconomic issues, and as it is suggested by the name of the Section, it wishes to pay increased attention to corporate thinking and activity, as well as their enhancement. Currently the Section has 400 members.

The Industry and Entrepreneurship Section has been traditionally organising smaller and major events as well, with subjects including industry, industrial development and the current issues of business and effectiveness enhancement. During the period 2002-2005 the Section organised a total of 17 professional events (conferences, discussions, factory visits), as well as a survey. Members of other sections and organisations are regularly invited to our events, and our members are also welcome to join the public events of those.

Management of the Industry and Entrepreneurship Section

Erzsébet Czakó, University Professor, Head of Institute
Corvinus University of Budapest, Institute of Business Economics

Miklós Kozma, Associate Professor
Corvinus University of Budapest, Institute of Business Economics
E-mail: miklos.kozma@uni-corvinus.hu

Board members:
Róbert Becsky
László Csernenszky
László Kállay
János Kálmán
Péter Korponai
Árpád Kovács
András Nagy
Katalin Pál Némethné
Gábor Papanek
Barna Szemán

Trade and Commerce Section

The Trade and Commerce Section, as its name suggests, organises events, presentations and conferences primarily for HEA members engaged in trading activity with an aim to contribute to the professional development, enhanced economic thinking and professional representation of members.

The Section established close ties with the Budapest Business School and the Hungarian Trade Association.

Management of the Trade and Commerce Section

Katalin Szabad Medvéné, Deputy Rector
Budapest Business School
E-mail: medvene.szabadkatalin@bgf.hu

Hedvig Tordai Gállné, Financial Director
E-mail: tordahedvigberta@gmail.com

Board members:
Irma Agárdi, Corvinus University of Budapest
Judit Horváth, Budapest School of Communication and Business
György Vámos, Hungarian Trade Association

Environmental Economics Section

Management of the Environmental Economics Section

Sándor Kerekes, University Professor, Head of Institute
Corvinus University of Budapest, Institute of Environmental Science
Patrícia Németh, Associate Professor
Budapest Business School, Faculty of Commerce, Catering and Tourism
E-mail: patricia.nemeth2@uni-corvinus.hu

Cultural Economics Section

The Cultural Economics Section is currently discussing the essence and usability of cultural economy in the framework of lectures and roundtable sessions. This formerly scarcely researched subject is gaining outstanding significance, although financing fails to keep up with the progress. The cultural institutions are becoming poorer, decreasing in number and level of quality as well. Change in this trend cannot be expected in the coming years either. We would welcome those who are familiar with the current situation and are willing to take actions in the interest of culture. Since culture affects everyone, we would be pleased if anyone with or without a professional approach could, even if only partially, contribute to the solution of the outlined problems. The aim and mission of the Section is to effectively promote the constructive forces of Hungarian and universal culture. The independent website of the Cultural Economics Section is available at www.kulturahaza.hu

Management of the Cultural Economics Section

József Birinyi
folk music researcher, President of Hungaricum Association
E-mail: jozsef@birinyi.hu

Honorary President:
István Magyari-Beck, Professor Emeritus
Corvinus University of Budapest, Alex Osborn Professor ICSC
E-mail: istvan.magyari.beck@uni-corvinus.hu

Anna Bacsó Monostoriné, project management expert
E-mail: anna.bacso@gmail.com

Vice Presidents:
Lajos Joó, organisation developer, system innovator
Béla Ulicsák, university lecturer, Technical Director, BRIT TECH Kft.

Board members:
József Gábor, retired secretary of state, economist
Ildikó Kertai-Kiss, business-executive coach
Zoltán Rolek, economist

Logistics Section

The membership of the Logistics Section currently includes several prominent representatives of the domestic logistics profession. Its activity is primarily aimed at organising lectures and discussion forums focusing on current professional issues and the most relevant problems of the field. Until recently, the research activity of the Logistics Section had mainly covered the SME sector, focusing primarily on networking, as well as the time aspect of logistics activity.

The activity of the Section is focused on representing and disseminating logistics approach to organisations offering public goods and services, as well as the competitive sector. The aim is to develop interdisciplinary relations both with partner sections within the HEA and other organisations of the scientific sphere. The Section has established active and fruitful relationships with tertiary economic institutions in Hungary, along with recently successful roadshow-type conference sessions targeting professionals and students interested in the sector in various higher educational institutions of Hungary.

We are able to say that by now, after successfully achieving its goals, the HEA LS has become a well-known player of the domestic logistics sector. The various professional lectures, discussion forums, conferences and other logistics events organised by the Section have largely contributed to its success.

The independent website of the Logistics Section is available at http://www.mktlsz.hu

Management of the Logistics Section

Zoltán Szabó (Ghibli Kft.)

Zoltán Szegedi

Csaba Kunyik
E-mail: cskunyik@citromail.hu

Board members:
János Berényi
Imre Egri
László Szivi
Zoltán Valentinyi
István Vándorffy

Agricultural and Food Industry Section

The purpose of the Agricultural and Food Industry Section of the HEA is to facilitate the development of the domestic agricultural and food industry via activities pursued within the framework of the HEA. The Section aims to provide professional background and organised framework in order to explore the current professional issues and problems of the agricultural and food industry and to facilitate the development of possible answers and solutions as a result of relevant discussions among its members.

The founders of the Section include university professors, researchers of scientific institutions, active players of the agricultural and food industry, experienced colleagues in terms of mediating and controlling EU funds, as well as banking financers and legal experts acting within the sector. The composition of its membership ensures a complex approach and discussion within the specific field of the Section. For this reason lectures, professional events, workshops and forums are organised to offer up-to-date information and adequate professional background. According to the founders’ expressed statement the Section is open to every member of the HEA and is keen to welcome anyone interested in its activity.

Management of the Agricultural and Food Industry Section

Attila Zöldréti, Associate Professor
University of Szeged, Deputy CFO of FÖMI

Imre Fertő
Doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Professor of Corvinus University of Budapest

Endre Szelényi, titular Professor
Szent István University

Labour Section

The Labour Section is one of the oldest sections of the HEA, recently active and undergoing significant renewal. Its regular events are dedicated to employment situation and job creation issues with the involvement of recognised Hungarian professionals.

Summaries of the events of the section: http://www.munkaugyiszemle.hu/mkt-munkaugyi-szakosztaly

Management of the Labour Section

József Bagó, Professional Counsellor
Ministry of Interior
E-mail: jzs.bago@gmail.com

Márta Józsa, Coordinator,
Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture
E-mail: marti.jozsa@gmail.com

Board members:
Annamária Artner (MTA KRTK Világgazdasági Intézete)
György Boda (Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem)
László Herczog (Pénzügykutató Zrt.)
Luca Koltai (HÉTFA Kutatóintézet Kft.)
Géza Kovács (Országos Mediációs Egyesület)
István Sum (SZTÁV Felnőttképző Zrt.)

International Economics Section

The International Economics Section (formerly Foreign Economy Section) is one of the oldest professional platforms of the HEA. The activity of the Section is focused on global economy, and within this sphere on the world economic position of Hungary. It seeks to examine our current position in global and European terms, along with the future prospects and potential take-off points of Hungary, always focusing on different subjects.

The events organised by the Section are frequently dedicated to specific groups of countries – Europe, Africa, Latin America, Far East, etc. – in terms of their particular characteristics and Hungary’s economic potential in the given region. There are regular lectures held on related subjects, traditionally at the Kossuth Club, but more recently at universities and colleges as well in order to promote the HEA among young audiences.

The Section has been represented at the annual itinerant conferences of economists for several years, offering speeches by well-known professionals.

Management of the International Economics Section

Balázs Ferkelt, Budapest Business School

Honorary President:
Iván Nyíri

Péter Szabó, METRO Magyarország Kft.
E-mail: pszaboo@freemail.hu

Board members:
Attila Bartha
Mária Csató
János Löblin
Zsuzsa Ludvig
Tamás Galambos
Roland Nátrán
Csaba Pólyi
György Rétfalvi
Károly Róbert Scherczer

Finance Section

Of the more than a dozen sections of the HEA the largest and hopefully most active membership belongs to the Finance Section. The Section aims to organise even more professional events and lectures in the near future. The thematic focus of the period 2011-2014 was on long term financing issues (e.g. public finances and the relevant subsystems, pension, health care, education, etc.) in terms of national and international dimensions and the various aspects of Hungary’s competitiveness.

In addition to gradually extending the scope of issues represented at our professional events, the management of the Section is expressly determined to further expand the targeted audience by organising community creating events (e.g. professional clubs) beyond the traditional types of events (such as lectures and podium discussions).

Our Section would welcome additional members to its dynamically expanding (currently 1,000 strong) membership and we are open to receiving potential partner organisations as well.

Management of the Finance Section

Márton Nagy

Vice President:
National Bank of Hungary
E-mail: nagymar@mnb.hu 

Máté Lóga, economist,
National Bank of Hungary
E-mail: logam@mnb.hu

Board members:
Imre Balogh
István Győri
Ilona Hardy
Éva Hegedüs
András Kómár
Viktória Nagy
Teréz Katalin Németh
István Palkó

Board email address: mkt.psze@gmail.com Any proposals, comments or propositions by members should be sent to this email address.

Sport Economics Section

Management of the Sport Economics Section

Attila Borbély, Senior Lecturer University of Debrecen
Rector Emeritus of Wekerle Business School

Zoltán Bács, Senior Lecturer
Chancellor of University of Debrecen

Tünde Gergics, economist
expert of Fiscal Council of Hungary

Vice President:
Mihály Muszbek, titular Associate Professor
University of Physical Education

Board members:
Veronika Fenyves, Associate Professor
Head of Department at University of Debrecen
András Becsky, Managing Director
Debrecen Sports Centre
Tamás Hámori, economist, tennis trainer
Tamás Galambos, Director
National Trading House, Kuwait Office
Tamás Dékán, Financial Director
Debrecen Sports Centre

Startup Section

Tamás Turcsán, Startup Advisor, CEO, Connect East Incubator
Head of SmartUP Communications

Vice President:
Péter Bagó, startup advisor, journalist
E-mail: peterbago@gmail.com

Éva Pintér, Senior Lecturer,
University of Pécs, Faculty of Business and Economics, Institute of Finance and Accounting

Social Economics Section

One of the most active Sections of the HEA, with subjects mostly related to current socio-economic problems and issues presented on the policy agenda. The events of the Section are focused on issues such as the importance of the economic role of families, the problems of social security functioning, development of local systems, potentials of the local financial systems, as well as national strategy issues.

Management of the Social Economics Section

Csaba Vass

Vice Presidents:
Szilvia Szegő
László Bogár

Zsuzsanna Szalay
E-mail: zsuzsanna.szalay@uni-corvinus.hu

Board members:
László Asztalos
József Gábor
Erzsébet Nováky
Ferenc Somogyi

István Varga
Krisztina Várhelyi

Competitiveness Section

Colleagues employed by the Central Bank with a membership in the HEA also actively participated in the establishment of this Section, considering that it could provide an important framework for addressing Hungary’s competitiveness. The founding of the Section was timely due to the fact that the key to setting economies on a permanent growth path after the lengthy crisis remained an unsolved question at global economy level. In recent years Hungary has successfully stabilised and relaunched economic growth, but turning this position into a long-term successful development path is still a challenge.

It is the intention of the founders of the Competitiveness Section to create an intellectual platform representing high quality according to the traditions of the HEA, with a capacity to contribute to shared thinking on sustainable economic growth and competitiveness. The Section may provide a platform not only for those engaged in the analysis of sustainable economic growth, competitiveness and the related measures, but also for those who are interested in economics and the impact mechanism of economic policy formulating the future.

Management of the Competitiveness Section

Dániel Palotai, Executive Director for Economics and Special Affairs,
National Bank of Hungary

Board members:
Barnabás Virág, Executive Director for Monetary Policy, Financial Stability and Lending Promotion
National Bank of Hungary
Gergely Baksay, Director for Fiscal and Competitiveness Analysis
National Bank of Hungary
Bianka Parragh, member of Monetary Council
National Bank of Hungary

Gábor Meizer, Adviser to Executive Director
National Bank of Hungary