Mária Illés, professor emerita of the Institute of Business Administration of the University of Miskolc, former president of the Industrial Section of the Hungarian Economic Society, former member of our national board, passed away on 1 March, after a short and serious illness, at the age of 76.

During her 53-year career in higher education, she made an unparalleled contribution to the development of the subject of business economics and the accreditation of related courses. His book on managerial economics is considered a seminal work in the field. His publications on the transformations in public services and on the management methodology of public service enterprises have provided the basis for the literature on the subject from a business economics perspective.

Her funeral will be held at the Szent Gellért Urnatemető (Budapest, Bartók Béla út 149) on Monday 20 March 2023 at 11 am. Her memory will be lovingly cherished.