The March 2022 issue of the Financial And Economic Review published studies and an essay on the impact of climate change on financial and capital markets. In connection with these papers, the Hungarian Economic Association (HEA) and the Financial And Economic Revieware organizing a professional conference on Wednesday, 20 April 2022, from 14:00 at the Magyar Nemzeti Bank (MNB), Krisztina körút 55, Budapest. The event will be available live on the HEA’s YouTube channel.

At the beginning of the event, Barnabás Virág, Deputy Governor of the MNB, Chairman of the Editorial Board of the Financial And Economic Review, and member of the Board of the Competitiveness Section of the HEA will welcome the participants. Invited speakers: Pál Kolozsi, Director of the MNB (Measuring the Climate Risk Exposure of Financial Assets – Methodological Challenges and Central Bank Practices); Eszter Baranyai, Senior Education and Research Expert at the MNB, Master Lecturer at Corvinus University of Budapest (Feeling the Heat: Mortgage Lending and Central Bank Options); and Renátó Ritter, Junior Analyst at the MNB (Banking Sector Exposures to Climate Risks – Overview of Transition Risks in the Hungarian Corporate Loan Portfolio). Following the introductory presentations, Richárd Végh, CEO of Budapest Stock Exchange and President of the Sustainability Section of HEA will discuss with the authors and speakers.

Personal participation is subject to prior registration. Those who are interested are kindly requested to register at by 14 April 2022 at the latest. Registrations will only be accepted up to the capacity of the venue.