Szabolcs Fazakas, Special Government Officer for EU Affairs, former Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, former Member of the European Court of Auditors, former MEP was unanimously re-elected as President of the European Union Section of the Hungarian Economic Association at the election meeting held on Monday at the HEA Community Centre.

The election meeting took place following a discussion on EU budgetary aspects and challenges for the period 2021-2027 and the state of budgetary talks, during which Gábor Iván, Director of General Policy Directorate, Council of the European Union was re-elected as Vice President, and Imre Juhász, Senior Counsellor of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology was re-elected as Secretary of the European Union Section for an additional period of three years. The members unanimously elected a new Board member for the next three-year term: Orsolya Szijjártó, former Ambassador of Hungary to the Netherlands, proposed by President Szabolcs Fazakas.

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