The recent professional forum of the HEA’s Sport Economics Section held at the community centre of the Hungarian Economic Association was attended by short track speed-skater Viktor Knoch, gold medalist of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. The Hungarian champion brought along his gold medal as well.

The participants of the forum had the opportunity to listen to two keynote speeches delivered by senior representatives of two successful branches of sport in Hungary. Mihály Orendi, Vice President of the Hungarian Olympic Committee for winter sports and Managing Director of the Hungarian National Skating Federation gave an overview of the results achieved in winter sports with special focus on short track, describing the professional and economic background of the Olympic title. After that Viktor Knoch presented his Olympic gold medal and shared with the audience professional details of preparation for the Olympic Games.

Another successful branch of sport was represented by Sarolta Halász, financial director of the Hungarian Swimming Association, who delivered a speech about the economic background of swimming in Hungary and the visible achievements and positive changes resulting from its key sport status. The participants of the discussion recommended media support for successful sports as widely as possible and the exploitation of positive foreign experiences, in addition to highlighting the importance of sports career management and the need to build a professional career after withdrawal from a career in professional sport.

At the end of the meeting the Athletic Department of the HEA Sport Economics Section was set up at the initiative of President Attila Borbély, requesting Olympic gold medalist Viktor Knoch to head the Department.